Infinitecoin (IFC) has the biggest coin count per block - 524,288 (2^19) coins per block!

Infinitecoin is a clone from Litecoin, so is using scrypt.


- 30 seconds block target
- 524,288 (2^19) coins per block, halves every month (86,400 blocks)
- Difficulty retargets every hour, with accelerated retargets at the beginning.
- 3 confirms per transaction.
- Total about 90,600 millions coins (90.6 billion coins)
- connection port is 9321, RPC-port 9322
- Scrypt

Official Website (thanks to nzdude and heju22):

Discussion threads:

Exchanges for IFC: (IFC/LTC) (Support both IFC/LTC and IFC/BTC) (IFC/LTC)

IFC Faucet:

IFC giveaway threads (thanks to zackclark70):

Mining Pool:


Payoutsystem prop

only 50 confirms


  1. Create account.
    • Register here, or login if you already have account
    • Create a worker that will be used by the miner to login
  2. Download a CPU miner.
    • Windows users: download a “batteries” included package for 64-bit or 32-bit Windows. These packages include Pooler’s cpuminer 2.1.2 and Matoking’s GUI r6, updated 2012-02-03.
      Extract the files into a folder and start the included ScryptMiner.
      If you don’t want a graphical user interface, you can download an optimized command-line miner here.
    • Linux users: download and compile cpuminer. Under Debian and Ubuntu, you can use the following recipe:
        sudo apt-get install make automake build-essential git libcurl4-openssl-dev
        git clone git://
        cd cpuminer
        ./configure CFLAGS="-O3"
      [for HTTP]    ./minerd --url --userpass Weblogin.Worker:Worker password
      [for STRATUM] ./minerd --url stratum+tcp:// --userpass Weblogin.Worker:Worker password
    • Mac OS X users: precompiled binaries are available here.
  3. Download a GPU miner.
  4. Configure your miner.
    Start your miner using the following parameters:
Username: Weblogin.Worker
Password: Worker Password

If you use a command-line miner, type:

[for HTTP]    ./minerd --url --userpass Weblogin.Worker:Worker password
[for STRATUM] ./minerd --url stratum+tcp:// --userpass Weblogin.Worker:Worker password

If you want, you can create additional workers with usernames and passwords of your choice Here

  • Create a infinitecoin address to recieve payments.
    • Downloading the infinitecoin client from the forum site
      . Generate a new address and input it on your account page to receive payments.
  • Optional (linux): Keeping miner updated
    • Updateting manual:
            cd cpuminer
            git pull
            make clean
            ./configure CFLAGS="-O3"
      [for HTTP]    ./minerd --url --userpass Weblogin.Worker:Worker Password
      [for STRATUM] ./minerd --url stratum+tcp:// --userpass Weblogin.Worker:Worker password